Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Echo Cards in Tarot

An echo card is one that keeps popping up in readings and card draws, sometimes driving you nuts with its regular appearances. I call them echo cards because your life energy is bouncing back at you, trying to catch your attention. Echo cards usually accompany some sort of lesson or offers information that you need to understand to be able to learn from it and move on or forward. They are without a doubt a sign that you are missing something vital to your emotional, spiritual, physical or mental well-being.
We have what I describe as ‘calling of the higher mind’. This is the part of yourself that knows exactly what is causing problems or blocks to the things you need for yourself. Often over time the echo card loses context and becomes difficult to interpret depending on the nature of the layout and question. Even readers will interpret this card differently as they are unaware that it keeps turning up like a bad penny. Here is a method for shifting the energy and receiving the intended message as your higher self wants you to.

  • ·         Shuffle your deck . How many times and however long is completely up to you.  
  •        Turn your deck over, fan the cards and find your echo card.
  • ·         The card to the left of your echo card is position one.
  • ·         The card to the right of your echo card is position two.

Position 1: this is the reason that this card keeps showing up in readings and draws. Take the time to really understand this card. Please note you can ask a professional to do this type of layout for you to get objectivity. In essence the Echo card becomes a significator representing personal energy. It is never a card of external influences but is likely to address a behaviour you have, i.e. not paying bills, not telling the truth, not communicating, spending too much and so on.
Position 2: This is what you need to do, no denials or eye rolling please. You don’t have to do what this card instructs, but you do need to acknowledge your role in creating cycles for yourself. Usually it is denial and refusal that keeps a pattern going, sometimes for years, but without doubt somewhere within your consciousness, you do know what could change everything. Everyone has heard the saying, “only a madman expects different results while doing the same old thing.

If the echo card comes out as a first or last card, simply reshuffle and fan the cards face up again. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hypnosis: The Way to Success

Hypnosis is not a mind control mechanism, in fact that couldn't be further from the truth. By using certain words and symbols, blockers and triggers help you to cut through a belief that holds you back, conversely they can push you forward in areas of development easily and quickly. I see it as a team effort and with a 96% success rate in my practice, taking the time to consult properly and individualizing any script is key to bringing an individual into active participation.

While it may be a lovely way to create changes, essentially you lay down, relax and rest during the process, it is also speedy. If you have never been hypnotized before you may need to listen to any recording a few times to make sure you are in. All live sessions take 1 1/2 hours, with about 30 minutes being the time of gaining information, working out where the problem areas are and finding the best style of hypnosis to ensure success. Recordings don't give the luxury of either a consultation or reframing verbal cues so it is fairly common to need to listen a few times. 30 minutes, relax = result

How do you make sure you will have success? firstly be clear about what the problem is, i have a few weight loss hypnosis downloads, one for overeating, one for motivation and eating, as well as the 21 day hypno diet for those who have had a long term problem and will, no doubt, have emotional and confidence issues related to personal image and weight loss. Take the time to think about the best or closest hypnosis strategy, and if you need to listen to a couple of different recordings to cover all the bases then do so. (these are cheap enough to make that an easy option) In live sessions I provide one off solutions, but there are times when a program is required so that each session addresses specific issues, while all the time heading toward the prime goal.

Dorothy's Hypnotherapy Downloads

It is noticeable that more and more people are struggling with letting go of past relationships, possibly due to the 50/50 nature of commitment these days. Release Past Relationships can quickly get you back on track and focused on positive future relationships. If you find yourself attaching again and again or holding feelings for someone fairly remote in your life (ie facebook friend or distant someone) you might want to look at Change Habits or do both.

If you feel blocked in any area of your life, Three Gates gives a glimpse into and a way past what holds you back, it is fairly common to not understand what the hold up is, which makes this a powerful hypnosis for tortured souls and those who have not worked out the core issues that can project out from a distant past.

Live sessions can be in person or via skype, but if you want to take the download route, you just need to be sure you are grabbing the right series, contact me if you want to discuss the best options related to that based on your needs and you will be successful. Give hypnosis a go, it is an amazing tool to have in your armoury, and let's not forget there are other wonderful effects for many, better sleep, less anxiety and for a few snoring dissipates which indicates it may be an anxious thing for some.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Addiction or Excess?

Addiction or Excess
Struggling with addictions and the not so newly coined phrase, addictive personalities can send anyone spiraling into a life of despair. Relationships can be tricky when you have all your faculties but will whomp your arse when you can't manage to prioritize the people in your life over the addictions.

What if you were to discover that addictions aren't the problem? Bear with me now, I do realize that this flies in the face of traditional exusanology, but what if the problem is pure excess a lack of discipline and nothing more? I am not of the ilk that doesn't believe in addiction, (although there is a huge controversy in the phd ranks over this) what I struggle with, is that non addictive things can be considered an addiction. To my mind, it calls in the Diabetes debacle.
Diabetes type1 is a genuine dysfunction of the body, by labelling the result of overeating, poor eating habits and basically slamming your body with sugars, diabetes those that suffer with this issue are led to believe they are sick and therefore have no control over the outcomes. Telling a person who lives life in all it's excesses they are sick is like manna from heaven, suddenly they can let go of all responsibility and repeat the addicts favourite line. " I can't help it"

Most of us that engage in bad behaviours genuinely hate being told that WE should do something about it. The first box we dive into is the blame game, I was beaten, my parents did it, I didn't know any better. But i digress, here we are talking about excess, perhaps blaming is part of the psyche of excess, it is certainly convenient. If excess is the problem it follows that where we use it doesn't really matter; that is to say, it doesn't have to be addiction if you are practicing a lack of self discipline in general. In my own past I can say that I would meet the AA's reference for an alcoholic, and yet I quite simply stopped one day and when I do drink it is very controlled, occasional and social, but i didn't stop there, I overate gaining a morbid obesity rating by the time I was 21, smoked cigarettes, dope and indulged myself in pretty much every way a person can, even tea of coffee had to be 6-10 a day. When I tried to control some of the behaviours, I would ramp up indulgences in other areas, and this is what creates issues for those trying to get a handle on the accepted addictive part of these behaviours.

 There is no reason, for example, if you stop smoking, drinking or gambling that you should suddenly start overeating. I can hear you groan,,, but wait, as an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist, it is common to see more than one excess in a person's life,  Recently while developing a hypnosis script for download, a thought popped into my mind, 'what if the problem is excess and not the object or focus of it?' Well blow me down with a feather, I thought, 'how on earth did this not occur to you years ago.' If the hypnosis was for excess, and not specific areas of excess, things could suddenly make a whole lot of sense for the person seeking change.

Excess brings to mind the seven deadly sins, all of which refer to excess and for millennia held special warnings, I have never seen this as a spiritual or religious concept but as one of life and survival, they just make sense. It is to be noted, they are not the seven sins, but seven DEADLY sins, sure enough lack of self discipline can lead to dire consequences. Firstly lets dispel the religious connotation of sin, as a word there are no real origins outside of latin (just saying), biblically speaking there are many words used in hebrew for wrong doing, in more modern times (the last few hundred, rather than thousands of years) sin has pretty much replaced all of them in english translations as a sort of catchall, the problem with this is the tendency to ignore the very thing that exists in the original bible texts. There are sins, and there are sins, the hebrew texts allow for falling short or failing as well as being guilty and yet another word for criminal, it is a terrible shame to lump everyone in together, regardless of how convenient, which often encourages an 'in for a penny, in for a pound' mentality.

Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, You can see how that could come back to bite you, it leads to making promises you can't keep and often others will shun you after a time when they work out how useless you are. On the other hand it is this energy that prevents good communication when things aren't going well and is the base for many a suicide.

Envy is the desire for what others have, whether it is their stuff, their women or their skills. It doesn't leave much room psychologically, for earning rewards for oneself. This is quite a depressing sin really, it leads to spending inordinate amounts of cash to try and win what others earn, spending the very resources that could lead to material comforts. This is the energy of the gambler.

Gluttony is quite simply about food and drink, you eat to much, you get fat and you might die young. You drink too much and you will become a drunk and ruin your life, even if death is not on the table you will suffer any number of maladies related to overeating/drinking. Something to think about while you are rolling around on the floor drunk and can't get up because you are too fat.

Lust leads to some very poor decisions, your husband/wife or local authorities back in the day might just kill you or you will contract a deadly disease. In a modern world however, while disease is still likely it has been shown that the baser instincts overindulge actually manage to reduce ones capacity for rational thought, Go figure.

Wrath is clearly the winner for ruining lives, there isn't a murder or war in the world that is not driven by anger. Anger will stand between you and anything, if not everything, you want in life. It's major role is in prohibiting happiness as it tends to be isolating. Lets face it, even the most patient of us gets over being around angry people so these people have to go hang together, and there you have it violence, verbal or otherwise will always result. But hey, by all means stay angry, I am sure it is justified,

Greed is clearly the winner of all the sins, it is the one that never has enough, always wants more and requires constant reinforcement, Interestingly greed is not necessarily about money or luxuries, it can be about another's time and energy, if you have ever been around someone who is needy, you are looking at a greedy person. This is the true energy of jealousy.

Sloth is being just too darn lazy to get off your own butt and do what needs to be done. Today's world makes this a whole lot less deadly if you live in a society where you can be compensated for doing nothing much, but back in the day your lazy arse would be booted out of the tribe, as nobody got time for that.

Autonomy = freedom from external control or influence, independence

Now I have that out of my system. what about excess? Each and every one of these sins is about excess, if you can look and acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, you have not learned self discipline you might find you are one of the lucky ones. You aren't addicted because you are unhappy or have a core issue, but no one taught you the benefits of self management, someone forgot to share with you that to be free, we must all be responsible for ourselves and our actions. We can't be blaming the world, society or our families for our behaviours as adults, that mentality is contrary to living in the now, being at peace and being happy. Own your behaviours and habits because until  you do, you are powerless to make significant changes. How can that make you free you ask? It gives you autonomy over yourself and your life, that is the only true freedom there is.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Feeling the Blues

Everyone has times where they feel isolated and alone even depressed, at these times life can feel a bit like lifting weights, or we can live life believing that at any moment, the axe will fall. We are told by 'experts' that we should 'think positive thoughts but anyone in a real funk knows that not only doesn't help, but can make you feel like a failure creating distance between you and others. Studies show that thinking positively even for upbeat folks only helps a little when things are going wrong, for those suffering anxiety and depression it can actually make them feel worse.

A long time ago New Age professionals decided that we not only should be responsible for ourselves, but we should also take the blame for corporations going broke (redundancy is your fault), being abused as children (karma and past lives which conveniently removes any requirement for the abused to have done anything wrong, reminiscent of the original sin) and in general for life sucking. For some reason we can't just allow for mistakes, poor choices and living in the now, even though it is touted almost as a biblical text. The very nature of spiritual new age dynamics is meant to offer, not salvation, but a choice of our we interact in our lives right now, today and this affects our tomorrow.

So where does this leave us in the area of depression, anxiety or past trauma, the answer is almost too simple, it leaves us in the position of being able to heal and still feel sadness, still feel anger, still feel depressed, still feel alone or indeed to still feel. It is an impossible if not inhumane request that we stop feeling, it is after all what separates us from other species, to have moved beyond survival to a point where we can separate out and explore how we feel about things. If you don't feel you are considered a sociopath, if you don't feel and you don't care, a narcissist, if you don't feel, don't care and explore your personal desires then likely you will be a psychopath, all of which are serious diagnosis. In the modern world we bandy these about as if they are common, but selfishness isn't narcissism, just as not caring what happens to someone doesn't make you a sociopath, unfortunately wanting to rape or kill others will always make you a psychopath so just don't go there.

Back to the blues and what to do about them. Firstly you need to decide if it is a habit, this may sound a bit trite, but if you tend to be negative geared or go into a tailspin over minor things, it is worth looking into why, if it is a habit, good news you can undertake many programs to come past it or you can look at what your contribution is. For example if you live in a general state of anxiety and overspend or don't earn enough to cover your bills, you know that this is probably the cause and can be alleviated by the help of a budgeting professional or by cutting up the credit card. If you aren't happy one day and start bringing your mind to bear on all the past hurts and damages you have suffered, you are clearly giving yourself a signal that nothing today or right now is the problem, that you haven't learned how to deal with setbacks and rejections. For the most part all you need to do in these moments is ask yourself, how much is this going to affect my life really? Allow yourself to feel just that bad about it and no more.

For ongoing problems and difficulty managing your feelings the benefits of talking to someone, friend, professional or a pet are renowned, there are a few reasons why talking to a friend or family isn't always the wisest choice, they try to either fix the problem or jolly you along so they feel more comfortable. Talking to someone who tends to get impatient can push you to feel even more isolated, and who knows, maybe they have heard it all before or too often.

The benefits of talking to someone, friend, professional or a pet are renowned

Besides a professional there are other choices, we all have things we enjoy, but when we don't feel good are disinclined to do these things, so try this. If you know what is causing the issue, (if you don't worth asking yourself honestly) determine how long you are prepared to let it get you down. If it is a general cycle it is even more important to create a finish point. Time limits are great, they give you permission to feel, they give you an end that you, no one else, has set. This time limit could be a day, ten minutes but should never really be longer than 48 hours. (please note we are not talking about major life disturbances here).

At the beginning of your time limit decide what thing you are going to do that you enjoy, this could be cooking, listening to a concert, visiting a friend or going out for coffee, it doesn't have to include others, being amongst friends can be overrated as a feel good when you don't, but if it is something you want to do then do it, Dare I say exercise? While deep in your personal crisis go for a walk, it has been shown that getting out in nature and walking in particular is uplifting, if you never walk then it is a change and change is good if funks are a regular part of your life. Once your allotted time is over, then go for it as soon as possible, it is even worth timing things so you have an immediate enjoyable experience post funk, this is a way to remind yourself that life can be good too and helps to maintain a balance that click in next time, you may find that you give less time to feeling down or that it doesn't affect you quite so deeply while you have something to look forward to. Good Luck out there... 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Body Talk: Complete Healing Therapy

Dorothy is a full time Energy Therapist with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Over time she has noticed that individuals with PTSD, ongoing traumatic lifestyles and chronic disorders including weight issues, failing relationships and addictions have greater success when the time and commitment of facilitators is ongoing for a time.

 Using a combination of Energy Techniques, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Therapy anyone, yes this means you, can be in a position to be the best version of themself. Longer term programs do attract a greater expense, however she has also noticed that these individuals often spend large amounts of money to finance those addictions or to seek life healing from different practitioners ending up with a broken, rather than continuous stream of improvement.

 Sometimes unfortunately the healing itself becomes a recycling of those very same past traumas, all healing practices should lead to permanent improvements, even if these are not complete on their own, every step should take you closer to being happy within yourself, there should also be a sense of achievement rather than one of failure or disappointment. Whatever method you choose, no method should take longer than a year, if you get to the end of that time and feel you are still grieving, still addicted, still unhappy or living a traumatic lifestyle, it is time to change what you are doing and how you are doing it on the healing front.

 As an aside, it is fairly common for physical disorders to improve or disappear completely upon completion of a successful program, it is also fairly common for emotional issues to improve or disappear during body healing, this is why Body Talk is so important, not only can it offset potential problems but this program can greatly improve current or chronic body problems.

Dorothy has developed a number of programs over the years, using the hypnotherapy component to speed up and make results permanent and energy techniques for direct body and emotional healing, both of which lead to cognitive revelations. As a result of the clients experiences she noticed that the success of one program wasn't necessarily an overall success, each program often left a need for a different type of program, this occurred because programs like DNA Restructuring dealt with past teachings only, Self Actualization dealt with the past emotions and spiritual/personal development and the original Body Talk dealt with body issues. Even the 90 day Weighting Game dealt with the emotions and habits relating to diet. She became aware that her clients were progressively working through different programs, starting with what was closest to their issues and finishing with what was closest to who they wanted to be, this is about the most expensive way to go about bringing change and as such slows down progress for the client. There are times when a single hypnosis, or a single program gets the job done, equally there are times when it simply doesn't.

360 Degree Flexi Program you choose the focus and direction you wish to take.

 She had noticed that often when a client sought smoking cessation they would mention other problems that 'just disappeared', things like improved body image, improved sleeping or improved relationships just to mention a few. It became clear that as a standard part of her hypnosis directives was an improved life due to the change of habit, it was also clear that this manifested in the area the client themselves wanted to improve. The combination of all this experience led to understanding that most people who have behaviours, habits or thought patterns that make it difficult to be who they want to be, (bearing in mind that anything you don't like about yourself or behaviours indicates you are not being who you want to be in some way) don't often have a single source or origin. There are a number of factors, what you were taught about yourself growing up, the experiences you have had in all of your life and the experiences you have created based on all those beliefs.

 This program is a catchall  starting with;

1. DNA Reprogramming to...
2. Self Actualization, Weight Loss Addiction Cessation or PTSD Release and then finishing with .*
3. Body Talk.

* This part of the program can be quite flexible, if relationships are a major issue then the program used will be Relationship Repair to create new satisfying relationships (this includes partnerships, family, friendships and children or any part that is important) Essentially during the free consultation which occurs before any program is selected, Dorothy helps you explore your prominent need. there may be phobias, destructive behaviours or specific areas that you wish to address here, Core Healing, Past Life, Origins and more are all programs that can be utilized or have an individually defined program.

There is a minimum of 15 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions but this is also driven by the success as you go, Dorothy will add sessions (AT NO EXTRA COST)  to ensure fantastic results, You will never need to revisit these areas of your life again, leaving you free to just get on with enjoying your life.

 The individual programs are available here Read More just look to the right of the classes page to see each program.

BTC program $1200 one on one private sessions
BTC bring a friend: Sign up with a friend and save, One on one individual sessions (you are not doing the sessions together)
BTC mini classes: Minimum of 2 maximum of 4 all sharing the session time, you need to allow that the sessions take two hours. This is a great option if you have a friend or two that are keen to get on top of their lives too with the added bonus of saving and having extra support during the program.

any cancellation of friends will attract only a partial refund resetting individuals to single one on one price. Individual payments for Mini classes are non refundable if there are drop outs from any group after the program is started bearing in mind the minimum of two per program.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Self Actualization: Path to Ascension

Definition of SELF-ACTUALIZE : to realize fully one's potential

This is a course for those seeking a higher spiritual experience of life, to do these we must first visit ourselves to reveal and release those nasties common to us all. grief, fear, anger and guilt. from here we move on to experience expansion. While it is impossible to do this program without having a level of healing it is not a healing program as such. It is perfectly designed for the wounded healer, the seeker who still has trouble letting go enough to have some of those out of this world experiences. If you have a lot of belief around the experiences you have, this may not be for you, it is a revelation and those things you believed before may not stand the test of objective scrutiny.

 With all that said it is an awesome program for the initiated and those who are prepared to be revealed to themselves so they may fully engage in life. Expect to enjoy and have tested your meditative and visual skills, your openness and your ideas, this is an exciting  journey the outcomes being enlightenment and an expanded vision of your world. Skills will improve but we are not seeking that any more than we are seeking healing. 

This is purely an experiential exercise that is wondrous and motivating. Self Actualization is about knowing who you are, your place in the world and beyond too often in spiritual teaching the focus is beyond your self and yet there is no existence beyond your self.  Your entire world is a view of you.  Knowing your self is the single most important aspect of clarity and autonomy giving you an ability to express who you are rather than what you have been taught. Like any expansion style program some self healing is a part of the process and this course is no different, pushing you past the age old growth blockers, grief, anger, guilt and fear at the outset to allow room for the expansion.

Those that have done this course have found a greater degree of intuitive ability although that is not what we are aiming for, you cannot be more present in the world without being more aware of it.
sessions are 2 hours each weekly or 2 per week which is optimum, with a choice of breaking the program down to meet your needs.

  • Stage one: The Four Releases, The Maze, Self Discovery, Expansion
  • $400 via skype or in person. 4 x 2 hour sessions Buy The four Releases
  • Stage two: Navigation, Living in the now, Expanded Energy Awareness
  • $300 via skype or in person. 3  x 2 hour sessions Buy Living in the Now
  • Stage three: The Creator, The Traveller, The Future: Time Master
  • $200 via skype or in person, 2 x 2 hour sessions Buy Time Master
  • Get the whole program for $800 Buy Self Actualization

Saturday, December 3, 2016

What is Hypnosis?

To be hypnotized is to allow yourself to be in an extremely relaxed state. Depending on your issue, the idea is to address emotional states and beliefs that prevent you from living the life you want. For example if you have a fear of flying, hypnosis is one of, if not the only, way to eliminate that fear, it can change addictive behaviours or if you lack confidence, hypnotic suggestions can quickly help you gain what you need. It is not a form of mind control, but more an agreement between you and your hypnotherapist to achieve a goal.
The difference between an Hypnotherapist and a person who is not qualified is similar to calling a hill a mountain. Understanding the complex relationship between the mind and language is a learned skill, meditation leaves you free to explore abstract ideas or have a personal experience, there are good and bad meditations, but in the main they are not delving into your mind to the same degree hypnosis does. 
In complicated situations you may need a number of sessions to get where you want to be, your hypnotherapist will ‘induce’ a state of deep relaxation (trance) which frees your mind to create a new scenario as the mind is essentially a sponge ruled by a belief. Panic attacks show us that belief can override reality in any one moment, if the belief is strong enough, Hypnosis seeks to override the belief in favour of reality. If you think of your mind as having two conscious states that work simultaneously, your rational mind, and your instinctive mind.
The instinctive mind is the one that through repeated practice or teaching works faster than your rational mind, when they are at odds, you will have one part of your mind screaming at the other, for example, you go to the fridge and grab something to eat, all the while you are consciously telling yourself you don’t need that, you are not hungry, but you do it anyway. The instinctively mind will win any day of the week as it is intrinsically connected to your body so by relaxing (essentially boring) the rational mind, hypnotherapy forms a direct connection to that instinctive mind creating a new foundation for behaviours.